DIY: Hanging Candle Lanterns for the Garden

Although Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer, you can still sprinkle some reminders of warmer days around your lovely abode.  I made some hanging candle lanterns with a few items already in the house and some summer beach sand!  This project is inspired by my very creative mother who had a DIY wedding last summer where she made the same lanterns.  You can see example of them in the background of a couple of pictures here.  She had such a beautiful beach-themed wedding and the photos were absolutely stunning.  The husband and wife team at Blaine Photography really can do no wrong!  These lanterns look absolutely gorgeous while dining outside and will add some lovely ambiance to your yard!

Items Needed:
1. garden hook
2. glass vase with a lip
3. candle
4. wire cutters
5. copper wire
6. tape (I used painter’s tape so it would not leave a residue)
7. sand

Step 1: Fill your vase with sand.  Make sure that the candle will sit low enough in the vase so that the wind will not blow out the flame.

Step 2: Cut a piece of the copper wire long enough to make the handle on the vase.  Leave about 2-3 inches on either side of the thinnest part of the vase (under the lip).  Tape the wire to the vase to hold it in place.  Make sure to not tape on the part where you are going to wrap the wire or else you will not be able to get the tape off!

Step 3: Begin wrapping the wire around the vase.  Leave about 2 inches hanging from where you start wrapping.  Wrap the copper wire around the vase as many times as you wish.

Sometimes Pallino gets curious!

Step 4: Once you are done wrapping, cut the wire near where you started, also leaving about 2 inches hanging.  Twist the two ends together and wrap around the handle or tuck back into the wire wrapping.

Step 5: Take the tape off.  Twist the remaining wire up into the handle, securing it to the wire wrapping.

Step 6: Add candle, hammer garden hook wherever you want in your yard and enjoy!!

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