Skin Deep Beauty: Eyebrows

“No-one is born with perfect eyebrow.”

~Linda Evangelista

My Italian heritage has “blessed” me with very thick eyebrows. I have plucked and trimmed them, had them waxed and threaded, all in trying to keep them in line. My eyebrow routine now consists of getting them waxed once in a while to get the shape that I like and then plucking in between sessions.

Eyebrows actually serve many purposes. They are the most expressive part of our face and tell people how we are feeling by simply moving up or down. Eyebrows also help to shield our eyes from moisture when we sweat (I never sweat, I sparkle) or when we walk outside in the rain. Eyes will sting from the salt content in sweat and the shape of your eyebrows will divert moisture away from your eyes. Eyebrows also help to shield the sun from your eyes should you happen to forget your sunglasses on a particularly sunny day.

Getting the perfect eyebrows is an art. There is a standard rule for plucking to insure that you get the proper length for your face.

If you take an eyeliner or brow pencil and hold along side of your nose and point it up towards your hairline, you will get the starting point  to begin your brow. If you hold the pencil against the side of your nostril pointing up towards the “corner” of your face and touching the outer corner of your eye, you will get the end of your brow.  That will help you find the right length of eyebrow for your face.

Now, to get the correct brow shape that will show off your face, you first must find what face shape you have. There are 6 basic face shapes.

To find your face shape, pull your hair back, make sure you have no makeup on and look in a mirror. Use the above pictures to help guide you to the correct shape.

If you have a Diamond face: you have the same shape as Raquel Welch! The goal is to soften the angles in your face and make the widest part of the face seem less wide. In order to do so, choose a curved brow shape.

If you have a Heart face: so does Vivien Leigh!  The goal is to soften your look with curves and create a beautiful heart shape using the point of your chin as the heart bottom and the brows as the top of the heart. A low arch round brow creates a natural look. A high arch round brow adds length to a shorter heart face shape.

If you have a Long face: Audrey Hepburn does too! The goal is to make your face seem shorter. A flat brow shape accomplishes this as its horizontal shape makes the face seem shorter.

If you have an Oval face: Princess Grace Kelly also shares this “ideal face” shape! The brow looks best with a soft angled shape.

If you have a Round face: Marilyn Monroe shared your plucking dilemmas! The goal is to make the face look longer and less round. Try a high arch brow shape that  follows a straight line to the peak of the brow, and creates more vertical lines. Stay away from a rounded brow shapes.

If you have a Square face: you have the same shape as Sophia Loren! You will want to balance your strong jaw with a strong brow or soften it with curves. Create a thicker stronger shape to balance a heavier jaw line. A defined sharp peak at the top of the brow makes the brow seem stronger.

Finding the right shape is very difficult! Hopefully this guide will help you but if you still do not feel comfortable with your eyebrows, I suggest getting them waxed by a professional or investing in an eyebrow kit that provides stencils to help you get the perfect shape. I have one from Tarte Cosmetics that includes three different shape stencils, a small pair of tweezers, a small eyebrow pencil, clear shaping gel, and wax and powder with a small application brush. Sephora offers many brand choices as well. Best of luck and have a lovely weekend!

“Discretion is being able to raise your eyebrow

instead of your voice.”


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