Viva la Famiglia: Sinatra Sundays

“All great change in America begins at the dinner table.”

~President Ronald Reagan

Every Sunday at my father’s house, we have what we like to call Sinatra Sundays. Whoever is there out of the 5 of us children; if my sister is not in Africa or London, my brother is in town, my step-sister is not in Nicaragua or my other step-sister is not at her father’s, and if I just happen to float through town; we all get together and sit down for dinner on Sinatra Sundays.

How the Sinatra Sundays dinner works is that we all get together and help create a wonderful evening. We always have a delectable dinner where we all pitch in and do what we can to help. Sometimes we make homemade pasta, sometimes it is steak, and sometimes it is a delicious vegetarian meatloaf! Last Sunday, we made fresh spinach pasta in arrabiata sauce with meatballs and  homemade polenta. We sit around the table, drink champagne and wine and talk about the world and politics, family anecdotes and memories, or whatever we feel like. The point of the dinner is to enjoy good music and a meal together as a family.

My father chooses music from his extensive iTunes playlist which includes (if you can guess) mostly Sinatra! The best part is that he has so much Sinatra music and not just the really popular ones. His album titled, “Everything Happens to Me” is magnificent and shows a different side of Sinatra.  This album is a compilation of his favorite 19 songs out of his 450 song catalogue. His daughter Tina sat down with him to make this album and said, “I was relieved each time Dad passed over the more obvious choice [in favor of] the more obscure. After all, this was to be more than another greatest hits album . . . and it is.” So if you are feeling adventurous, try out this album. You will be listening to Frank Sinatra’s own playlist!

Having Sunday dinners is a great way to catch up with everyone’s busy schedules. An article from the Journal of Adolescent Health published in 2006 found that:

…the frequency of family dinner is an external developmental asset or protective factor that may curtail high-risk behaviors among youth. … Family rituals such as regular mealtimes may ease the stress of daily living in the fast-paced families of today’s society

So, in layman’s terms, sitting down as a family for dinner is not only fun, it is good for you!

Wherever you are, whoever you are with, even if you are by yourself, sit down, turn on some Sinatra and enjoy a nice meal this Sunday! You could even try yesterday’s post on Boeuf Bourguignon.

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody,

even one’s own relations”

~Oscar Wilde 

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