Superb Cinema: Hitchcock Blondes

It is getting close to Halloween so things might start to get a little spooky here on Oh Lovely Lolo!

“Blondes make the best victims. They’re like virgin snow

that shows up the bloody footprints.”

~Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock has a special appreciation for a certain kind of actress, one whose sex appeal he referred to as “indirect”. In many of his movies, the main female character is a sophisticated blonde woman who has a cool surface but an inner fire. These woman were referred to as “Hitchcock Blondes”.

Mr. Hitchcock says of the blonde beauties, “… sex should not be advertised… Because without the element of surprise the scenes become meaningless. There’s no possibility to discover sex.” Hitchcock also believed that an audience would be more suspicious of a brunette and therefore would not expect a blonde.

There was also a technical side to his preference for blonde women as most of his movies were filmed in black and white, Hitchcock believed that blonde hair photographed better.

In the movie Vertigo, the character played by James Stewart forces a woman to dye her hair blonde. In one of his earliest films The Lodger, Hitchcock’s villain stalks blonde woman. Karen Black plays a kidnapper in Family Plot, who wears a blonde wig and sunglasses as a disguise.

“Suspense is like a woman. The more left to the imagination,

the more the excitement.The conventional big-bosomed blonde

is not mysterious. And what could be more obvious than the old

black velvet and pearls type?

The perfect ‘woman of mystery’ is one who is

blonde, subtle and Nordic.”

~Alfred Hitchcock

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2 Responses to Superb Cinema: Hitchcock Blondes

  1. ms. morsel says:

    Grace was my fav of all of his actresses. It’s so sad that she retired so early, but she had a choice to make. They don’t make films or actors/actresses like that anymore.

    • ohlovelylolo says:

      I completely agree! There is a reason her name was “Grace”… she was so elegant! Actors and actresses are truly not like they used to be (at lease most of them). Thanks for reading!!!

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