DIY: Thanksgiving Turkey Barrette or Pin

Did you know:

Benjamin Franklin wanted our national bird to be the turkey

because he felt it was a “more respectable” bird

than the Bald Eagle

I made the barrette version of this turkey craft for my 6 month old cousin and the pin version for my grandmothers.  I am also making a pin for the hostess of our family Thanksgiving meal this year as a perfect “thank you for having us over” gift. I have already given one away and it was a hit!


  • One 7″ length, one 4.25″ length, one 3″ length of brown 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon
  • Two 3.5″ lengths, one 5/8″ length of orange 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon
  • One 3.5″ length, one 1.5″ length of red 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon
  • One 7.5″ length yellow 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon
  • Brown felt
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Small pearls or beads for eyes
  • Safety-pin for pin or hair clip for barrette



1. Pre-cut all ribbon lengths.

2. Form the yellow ribbon into a figure-8 and sew center to secure. It does not have to look neat because you will be covering up the stitches.

3. Form the two larger orange ribbons into loops and sew on yellow loops to create a fan shape.

4. Form the larger red ribbon into a loop and place in the middle of the two orange loops.

5. To make the body, take the largest piece of brown ribbon and form into a figure-8 but with one small loop and one large. The small loop should be around 5/8″ wide. Sew together to secure.

6. Create loops with the other two brown ribbons. Sew them inside the bigger loop at the top to create depth in the body as shown above.

7. Cut the small piece of orange ribbon into a triangle and burn the edges with a match so that the ribbon does not fray. Cut a small rectangle out of the red ribbon and burn the edges. Position on head how you want and sew.

8. Attach the feathers on the back of the body.

9. Sew the eyes onto the front.

10. If making a barrette, cut two pieces of brown felt a bit larger than the clip. On one piece, cut a slit so that the bottom part of the barrette can go through. Sew the other piece of felt to the back of the turkey. Sew together the bottom and the top, making sure that the bottom of the clip is sticking out of the slit. If making a pin, simply cut a small circle of brown felt and sew it on the back of the turkey to cover your stitches. Attach a safety-pin to make it into a pin.

“A turkey never voted for an early Christmas.”

~ Irish Proverb

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