Superb Christmas Cinema: Christmas in Connecticut

“Arrange it, are you crazy? Where am I gonna get a farm?

I haven’t even got a window box!”

~Barbara Stanwyck

as Elizabeth Lane in Christmas in Connecticut

Out of all the Christmas movies out there, Christmas in Connecticut has to be my favorite! I borrowed it from Netflix about 6 years ago because I saw a commercial for it on Turner Classic Movies (my favorite channel on television) and thought it looked darling! My siblings poked fun at me because they thought it was just going to be another old black and white movie but even THEY enjoyed it! It is the ultimate “fake it until you make it” movie and will definitely raise your spirits. This movie is a must see and will surely be a part of your Christmas movie list for years to come.

Here is the synopsis from the TCM website:

War hero Dennis Morgan becomes the object of a publicity stunt staged by magazine publisher Sidney Greenstreet. The corpulent print mogul announces that Morgan has won a Christmas dinner, to be prepared by the magazine’s housekeeping expert Barbara Stanwyck in her own Connecticut home.

The catch: Not only does Stanwyck not have a home in Connecticut, but she’s never been in a kitchen in her life!

She also doesn’t have a husband (as her articles claim), so Stanwyck’s erstwhile beau Reginald Gardiner is pressed into service as the hubby.

As for the cooking, that will be handled by master chef S. Z. “Cuddles” Sakall. This solves everything, right? No way, Jose.

Long dismissed as a lesser film farce, Christmas in Connecticut has its own irresistible charm, and has in recent years become a perennial Christmas TV attraction.

“Nobody needs a mink coat but the mink.” 

~S.Z. Sakall

as Felix Bassenak in Christmas in Connecticut

Synopsis from:
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2 Responses to Superb Christmas Cinema: Christmas in Connecticut

  1. kate1975 says:

    I love this movie. I usually see it about twice a year. At times when I am stressed I imitate Stanwyck. She is one of those greats who manage to look like what she doing is easy, despite how talented she is.


    • ohlovelylolo says:

      I watch it at least once a year! I completely agree with you about Barbara, even in this movie when she is supposed to look frazzled she still does it with grace! Thanks for reading and subscribing!

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