DIY: Football Field Tablescape with Field Goal Centerpiece

What is a fabulous party without a fabulous tablescape, right? Here is a darling Football Field themed one that will be perfect for the Super Bowl!

Football Field Tablescape


  • White Duct Tape
  • Measuring Tape
  • AstroTurf big enough to cover your table
  • White Spray Paint
  • Number Stencils, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 0
  • Scissors

1. Measure out the length of your table to determine the length of your field lines. Mine is 70 inches long so my measurements are:

  • 10 inches at each end for the end zones
  • 5 inches between each 10 yard line

2. Cut the duct tape to your desired thickness, mine is 1/2 inch wide. Tape across the Astro Turf to make the 2 end zones and 9 yard lines.

3. Tape around the border of the field with thicker tape.

4. Prepare the stencils for each yard line.

5. Cover the surrounding area around the stencil so that the spray paint does not get on the other parts of the field.

6. Repeat on the other side of the field.

Field Goal Centerpiece

  • Materials
  • PVC pipe
  • 2 Elbow joints
  • 1 Standard T joint
  • Measuring tape

1. Cut your PVC pipe into 5 pieces:

  • 2 -10 inches
  • 3 -13 inches

2. Gather your joints. I would recommend spraying them yellow at this point (which I did not do) because then you will avoid having the color of the joints show through.

3. Attach the joints to the PVC pipes as shown above. The two tops of the Standard T joint get the 10 inch pieces and the bottom gets a 13 inch. The top of the elbows get the remaining 13 inch pieces.

4. Prepare an area for spray painting.

5. Spray the field goal yellow!

Making a Stand

To make a stand for the field goal, cut some wood into a square shape. (Thank you Scott!)

Drill a hole that will fit the field goal post snug. (Thank you Mama!) We spray painted the wood white and added a square of Astro Turf to the top.

Place everything together and you have a fabulous Super Bowl Tablescape!

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